31 Dec


I started a new thing in 2014, pick a word and try an live by it in all facets of your life. So I picked OPTIMISM. I put everything through that lens and wow what a difference it made. My 2014 definitely had it’s fair share of ups and downs. Taking a look back on […]

Hey 1978 POS welcome to 2014, we’ve been waiting for you!

30 Oct


Everyone knows why phone payment apps don’t work right as well as they should by now, right? Believe me it is not the lack of trying by the phone hardware, software, and operating system producers. The majority of POS (point of sale) technologies are still stuck in 1978…to upgrade = $$$ for not much return, […]

Free Office 365 software available for all VBCPS students

11 Sep


With the direction the new CEO Satya Nadella at Microsoft is taking the company, this is a very good program that the Virginia Beach Public Schools have shared with the Parent and Students of their schools. This will help many kids feel comfortable within the information age. Afterall, they are going to need it to […]

New Dog Park at Bayville Farms Park Now Open

4 Jun


Thanks for your feedback last year on the design of a dog park at Bayville Farms Park (located at 4132 First Court Road). With your input, the park was designed to accommodate seperate areas for both large and small dogs. We are happy to report that construction of the new dog park has been completed […]

The Virginia Beach City Public Schools(VBCPS) Beach Bags program is in need of HELP!

20 Mar

VBCPS_Parent ConnectionCoutlines

Contact: Yolanda Jones-Howell Date: 3/20/14 Phone: 757.263.1202 News Release No. 052 Fax: 757.263.1010 Email: yolanda.jones-howell@vbschools.com Program that provides food for students facing empty shelves The Virginia Beach City Public Schools(VBCPS) Beach Bags program, which provides food for students on weekends and holiday breaks, is running out of items and needs community help to replenish its shelves.The Beach Bags program began […]

What your Customer sees when you’re NOT collaborative internally!

5 Sep


So I spent some time at a Radisson Hotel at the Waterpark of America this past weekend. Let’s just say the housekeeping and booking process did not live up to the standards I am used to when staying at a nationally recognized chain of hotels. I proceeded to express my views upon checking out on […]

Maybach Talent desires with a Plymouth Sundance checking account

3 May


I understand standard of living is regional and even statewide, but when one state is 2.9% to 9.9% lower than another state and you put job postings out to pay 45% less you WILL NOT attract senior level great talent to your state! If you don’t believe me here is a recent job posting I […]