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The Business Analyst 3.0 Model

Yes the Business Analyst (BA) role is changing rapidly right before our eyes.  That is why I have reclassified myself as a Business Analyst 3.0.  I think BA’s really need to educate themselves on all the social technologies and software as a service models both from a external perspective and internal perspective.

We will be called upon to integrate and implement these two worlds both from processes and functions seamlessly!  For the first time in technology history we as consumers and employees have better access to technology than our employers.

We as Business Analysts better learn how our skills can help the business and technology groups converge on these platforms for quicker, more robust, and often ever changing technologies that can keep pace with the ever changing business environment.

Expect the ever looming skill that needs to be there is curiosity and willingness to collaborate with all kinds of disciplines.  This challenge I think faces all disciplines but ours in particular because we need to make all the disciplines and information work together (biased perspective I know).  Soft skills of finding new people to interact with outside the typical corporate industries is where our learning and evolution as Business Analyst 3.0 needs to take place.

For example check me out on twitter and the people that are following and interacting with me…..it is for the most part an eclectic group of individuals from a wide range of industries.  Which I think helps enhance my analysis and design skills as a Business Analyst!   I think the pendulum swung too far to Generalists then back too far to Specialists.  I am proposing a new paradigm Specialties.  This paradigm understands the fact of specialties each discipline brings to the table and learns how to work within the encroachments.  The “it’s not my job or role” mentality is out the window with the bathwater and the baby of 2009!  If you can not bring together strategy, process and technologies for problem solving or innovation, I would highly encourage to find those that can and learn from them as quick as you possibly can!

Look forward to seeing more and more people within the SDLC community embrace the social scene online.  Look top left at the icons click on your favorite channel and let’s connect!

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  • munishgandhi

    Hi Keith,

    Just discovered your blog. Excellent points above.

    One's ability to foster change requires you to balance between being a generalist and a specialist. If you are too much of a generalist, one has no special insights. If one is a specialist, ones perspective is too narrow. Having the right balance allows one to make significant contributions to society.

    For example, many of the Nobel prize winners are actually “generalists” who are “specialists” in two or more fields. An ability to specialize in different subjects gives them deep insights into connections that others just do not see.

    I suspect we all need to have both a generalist and a specialist in all of us (even if we are not exactly aiming for a Nobel!)


  • Thank you for stopping by and providing your perspective on this subject. Thank for the facts about the Nobel Prize winners, I did not know that. Yes we do have some generalist or specialist in us, that is why I say I have specialties!

    The visual picture I like to paint is take a flat 1 decisional skyline outline typically black with a white background and flip that upside down. The horizontal is the breath of my specialties and the lengthens of the skyscrapers are the depth of knowledge, experience, and creditability in specific specialties.

    I feel that may be another blog post I have been kicking around…..the correlation of a passionate skill or interest that does not show up on a resume how can you show off that specialty and the resume skills at the same time. We will see.

    Thanks again Munish for stopping by!

  • munishgandhi

    I like that visual — both expanse and depth fit nicely into it.

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