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Hey Don’t Overlook the GenX’ers

As you can tell by the title Yes I am in fact a Gen X’er. Born in 1973, smack dab in the middle of the Gen X’er category. So I have been a little miffed by all the recent articles about the Baby Boomers leaving, oh no the Baby Boomers are leaving the next generation (GenX) is smaller in population….”Oh whoa is us, What are we going to do!”  Oh I know lets go after the bigger of the two generations the Gen Y’ers and wow them with 42 inch plasma TV’s, 6 week vacation packages, and free lunches. Reason they are larger in numbers and are tech savvy………Only problem with this flawed logic?  Experiences

The Gen X’ers have been working side by side with two of the greatest generations (WWII and Baby Boomers) that have dispensed knowledge, wisdom, and life lessons for free. We have been like sponges when it comes to this information. The Gen X’ers are here to lead and take the information that has been dispensed and run with the ball. We have been waiting for our chance to shine, but willing to wait because we know we needed to hone our common sense, street smarts, and experiences that it takes to lead.  We also realize it takes a lot more than a college degree, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles to get the job done. So the next study or article that is written lets take a look at the Gen X’ers in the context of being the next generation to Lead with honesty, integrity, knowledge, and wisdom.

Because after all the companies around this nation are going to need less Leaders (in reference to being a smaller population in numbers), ever heard of  “too many cooks”, but these companies are going to need experienced leaders to lead them through this transition.  So next time companies are looking at 5, 10, 15 year strategy in regards to leadership take a look at the Gen X’ers we are here trained and ready for battle. We might not be as tech savvy as the Facebook Generation, but we are highly skilled and trained in leadership, business savvy, and we know how to mold technology into great business strategies, implementations and operations.

Oh and one last thing we understand “Earning before Entitled” it’s our motto!  What do you think of GenX’ers?  What are your experiences as a GenX’er or Managing one.  I am really curious…..because if you look at the numbers it is our generation that is making this new world of real-time and social openness explode into real businesses.

  • Great observations. I was reminded of a recent multi-generational workplace study by IDEO + DEGW; summarized, it essentially said that Gen Xers are A) adept at alternate workstyles B) eager to accept responsibilities and C) at a career stage where they are ready and eager to take over for the Boomers. Interestingly, the same study provided several angles of Gen Y, including: “(Millenials) seem to be presenting a particular challenge to employers everywhere… a ‘diva’ generation: high-maintenance, out for themselves, lacking in loyalty, thinking only of the short term and their own place in it.” Conversely, “This generation (was) bred for achievement, and most will work hard if the task is engaging and promises a tangible payoff.”

    Interesting indeed. Yet, I disagreed with the same findings that seemed to indicate that mentoring is more of a Boomer/Millennial thing… what are your own thoughts on mentoring?

    • Johnathan thank you for the information I will have to go and read that article. To answer your question I do believe GenX’ers are positioned really well to mentor the next generation based on three things 1. Experience 2. Exposure to wide range of people 3. Like to collaborate for greater good solutions no matter age or title level. Now on the flip side we are also positioned well to Reverse Mentor upwards towards Boomers and Senior Leadership on three factors: 1. We are communicating and using new tools everyday and pretty darn good at explaining them 2. We don’t view the mentoring up as a flaw in our leadership, we feel it is an opportunity to be more connected to our leadership and older generations 3. Like to collaborate for greater good solutions no matter age or title level. As you can see the 3rd factor is the same, again why we are positioned very well to take the reigns and make things a whole lot better. Thank you again for the comments really appreciate info and asking a question.

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