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So my daughter had a writing assignment for school about what would you rather have Money, Fame or Power and what you would do with them.

I had to share this piece of writing because it was very inspiring to achieve this level of compassion, caring and humility! I just hope she never ever ever ever loses this growing up.

Selfishly I have to say my wife and I have done good so far!


I would choose Money. If I had a lot of money I would use it to help others.

I would build a homeless center with nice things. I would also build a shelter

for any animals that can be pets. If someone needed a job I would help them

find a job. When my kids have dreams I will help make that dream real. When I

hear someone has a dream or a goal I will help them. I will build places that people

who need a job I will make sure they work there, as long as they did not go to jail. I 

would make sure any where there isn’t a sport that kids want to play then I will make

sure they get that sport. If there is a school that is struggling I will help them. I will always

use money for good use.