Keith Privette Working It!

Early within my work career I started to see technology making the non-value added work being managed by technology to allow us humans to add experience, emotion, creativity and real results to solutions and innovations.  I started to analyze how people saw how they brought value to their jobs.  One of my first observations I found it interesting and why I started my career as a Business Analyst, the mortgage back securities traders saw more value in working formulas on a spreadsheet then their experiences of watching markets, developing partnerships, and making some gut decisions based on the market information.

Seeing this made me want to become a Business Analyst that can truly understand what can be automated or tracked to provide people with information to make good decisions, develop creative solutions, or produce innovative products and services.  I have dedicated my career to developing strategies for companies I have worked for or clients that have hired me to provide thinking around overlapping the business with technology to support connecting, facilitate transactions, or produce and track information for good decision making.  That is only have the story!

The other half is having the ability to execute and implement these business technology solutions.  I have worked on many flavors of technology projects some successful, some not so much, which has provided me several learning experiences to know how to guide a businesses, technology department, and or project teams from strategy, planning, analysis and design into actual implementation and operational usage of the process and technology together. For the last 12 years I have played this Business Analyst role and interestingly been exposed to many different industries, companies and technologies.  I have worked on building a software as a service (SaaS) for facilitating bringing together the communities of companies buying and selling distressed assets to the individuals that needed to provide the appraisals to support the buying and selling at true market value.  Implemented an industry recognized Client Relationship Management (CRM) SaaS for a Financial Services company.

I also had an opportunity to implement an interactive behavioral financial quiz for this same Financial Services company. All these very diverse projects have taught me how to think very iteratively with building and connecting the information from many different perspectives to allow for truly conceptualizing the idea. Then to fully implementing a technology solution that meets or exceeds all the stakeholders needs and wants.

The days of separating technology and process are over!  Markets, people, needs, wants, economies, countries, cultures, and communities move way to fast to not have the ability to overlay process and technology together for a solution.  The individuals are unique that can live both the business culture and the technology culture.  I have a lot passionate around making these communities communicate to produce great things.

The main focus areas will be; how do social dynamics overlay with technologies, such as gathering good data, observation, productivity, efficiency, tracking, connecting, collaborating, and producing.  This might be sprinkled with some opinions and ideas from me be socially connected to many different industries, which is what I like to call my “cross-pollinating verticals” strategy.  I also take a very “stratactical” approach to my career path, which breaks down like this Strategy which is long term approach keep eye on the target, tactical what are the tactics to get that done short term and potentially throw away, and Stratactical is the little keep a little throw away to continually grow, produce and innovate.  So this will add some odd angles at times which I hope will spark discussions and different groups of people talking.

I  hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & a Minor in History from University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

Oh to add yet another social dynamic to the picture I am a Father (11yr old & 8yr old), and dog owner (Daisy & Baci).  Which you might on occasion see some things about that social dynamic also.  Which leads me back  to this Social Business Analyst life style.  So come along on the journey and please add your thoughts and points along the way!!


With that said, a quick legal disclosure, everything on this site is my opinion and my opinion only and is not intended to promote or discourage the use of any product or service or are representative of the opinions of my employer, co-workers or staff.