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The Virginia Beach City Public Schools(VBCPS) Beach Bags program is in need of HELP!

Contact: Yolanda Jones-Howell Date: 3/20/14 Phone: 757.263.1202 News Release No. 052 Fax: 757.263.1010 Email: yolanda.jones-howell@vbschools.com Program that provides food for students facing empty shelves The Virginia Beach City Public Schools(VBCPS) Beach Bags program, which provides food for students on weekends and holiday breaks, is running out of items and needs community help to replenish its shelves.The Beach Bags program began […]

What your Customer sees when you’re NOT collaborative internally!

So I spent some time at a Radisson Hotel at the Waterpark of America this past weekend. Let’s just say the housekeeping and booking process did not live up to the standards I am used to when staying at a nationally recognized chain of hotels. I proceeded to express my views upon checking out on […]

Maybach Talent desires with a Plymouth Sundance checking account

I understand standard of living is regional and even statewide, but when one state is 2.9% to 9.9% lower than another state and you put job postings out to pay 45% less you WILL NOT attract senior level great talent to your state! If you don’t believe me here is a recent job posting I […]

Money, Fame, or Power

So my daughter had a writing assignment for school about what would you rather have Money, Fame or Power and what you would do with them. I had to share this piece of writing because it was very inspiring to achieve this level of compassion, caring and humility! I just hope she never ever ever […]

Start Norfolk 3, We can control our our future!

Start Norfolk 3, We can control our our future.  500 Startups Partner, Paul Singh to Keynote: Start Norfolk 3. Paul is a Partner at 500 Startups — a “super angel” fund headquartered in Mountain View, CA and founded in July 2010. To date, 500 has invested in 450+ companies in 25+ countries. He is currently serving as […]

SiliconAnchorNews: Building a startup country one region at a time

                                        Posted on SiliconAnchorNews.com by Zack Miller (my partner in crime). Wanted to share this information over on my blog also. Since I was a part of it and Zack did a wonderful job highlighting the […]

It’s a jam-packed winter in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach startup community

Norfolk-Virginia Beach startup community with conferences, meetups and lots of new companies Hatching! Big Events Start Norfolk When: March 22-24 Where: Innovation Research Park at ODU, 4211 Monarch Way Norfolk, VA About: Start Norfolk is a weekend long event bringing together individuals of different mind and skill sets— join over 400 entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, designers, and business […]

Norfolk Area Entrepreneurs ROUND 2: Connect w/Amazing People to Start Companies/Projects With

Wanted to share info. about a great service that seems super relevant for this crew – FounderDating (no, it’s not romantic).  Norfolk Area of FounderDating is kicking off Round 2 of accepting applications into this private group for people looking to find a Co-Founder of their startup business! FounderDating (FD) is an invite-only, online network […]

Do you want to invest in Hatch? Its an incubator ya know

I went back to my northern roots on that title hey!  Wanted to share an email I received from Zack Miller of We are Titans about the incubator for startups he has created called Hatch! There is a deadline for applications coming up fast. So make it a point to check it out and if […]

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