I started a new thing in 2014, pick a word and try an live by it in all facets of your life. So I picked OPTIMISM. I put everything through that lens and wow what a difference it made.

My 2014 definitely had it’s fair share of ups and downs. Taking a look back on these photos their were far MORE UPS! Additionally, I think with my word “OPTIMISM” I took the downs and quickly shifted my mindset to an up. After doing this for a year now, I do believe mindset really helps shape the way we see the world. Even when the world seems to be serving up shit sandwiches, mind set really helps a person always see the positive side, the silver lining, the hope, and most importantly the optimism to move forward with hope.

So I am working what my word for 2015 will be. I am leaning more towards a positive action oriented word for 2015. Leave a comment if you would like to give me a suggestion. Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year’s eve!

More importantly be the most positive person you can be in 2015. You will be surprised when you look back on 2015 and into 2016 what a difference that will make.