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Maybach Talent desires with a Plymouth Sundance checking account

3 May


I understand standard of living is regional and even statewide, but when one state is 2.9% to 9.9% lower than another state and you put job postings out to pay 45% less you WILL NOT attract senior level great talent to your state! If you don’t believe me here is a recent job posting I […]

4 Tactics to evaluating, buying, and implementing Vendor technology packages

8 Oct

Being a Business Analyst nothing drives me more up a wall when I hear “Oh it is a vendor package, we don’t have any requirements.” My first response to that is Really?  Or depending on the political and relationship of the environment a little attitude will be thrown in with the response of Really?  In this […]

The Business Analyst 3.0 Model

15 Jul



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